Vision Statement

The Bible is clear, God has a plan and a purpose for us as individuals and as churches.

We believe passionately that God has called us to be a certain type of church and to do what he has called us to do.

So what is our vision? Our vision is simple and yet like all vision statements it has depth to it that can carry us forward into the purposes and direction of God.

Vision Statement

"Building God a house of prayer for all nations."

Simple and easy to remember. In fact if you are familiar with the Bible you may well recognise it as being very close to Jesus' own words when he said, 'My father's house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.' Jesus was quoting from Isaiah 56:7 where God in his grace and mercy, flings open the doors of the Temple and says that anybody who wants to find Him, experience Him and know Him can find Him there, because his house is a house of prayer for all nations.

That's what we are about. Not just being a place where we pray for nations to find God, but actually being a place where the nations can find God.

God has called us to be a church that prays and reachs out to others. A church whose doors are open to people. A church where the hurting can find healing and the forsaken can find hope. A place where strugglers are accepted and doubters are welcomed. A place where the rejected are received and the faithful are strengthened.

A home. A church. A Family.

We have a saying. If you visit us you'll see it everywhere. If you listen to us you'll hear it, and if you spend time with us you'll experience it.


That's the house of God we are building and are proud to be part of.


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